Nebula – 24% EP [review]


Marin Bardiot, better known as Nebula Beatz, is an aspiring, self-taught DJ, Producer, Remixer & Composer from Bordeaux, France. He later went on to receive certifications from the DJ Arts School as well as from le Conservatoire de Bordeaux. Hip Hop is most definately his main squeeze –  no doubt, yet he is always discovering new ways to work, broadening his horizons through experimenting with new Genres and styles on a …

Paul Mayson – Run EP | Out now via Don Diablo’s “Hexagon” Label


Dutch Producer, Paul Mayson is making some serious waves these days. Simply put; Paul is far more than just your average Dance Music Artist, his musical talents far exceed most others, he’s got a style all his own which he coins as his “Indie House” Sound. Well-put, Paul!

With what seems like Hit after Hit, he seems to be on fire w/ no signs of extinguishment any time soon. With that said, there’s no question …

DJ SOURMONKEY – Own The House [review]


Loving Father, DJ and Producer DJ SOURMONKEY is making a lot of noise these days. After linking up w/ the LACX crew back in 2015 for EDC Weekend and playing their weekend-long showcases, he has been working doubletime to make a name for himself worldwide. This latest featured Jam delivers some pretty awesome, yet choatic Future Bass sounds from the Sacramento Artist. Properly titled “Own The House” the Track features a catchy vocal …

Mercurius FM – Arkanoid [review]

Mercurius FM - Arkanoid Review
Mercurius FM
, has released the new synthwave track, Arkanoid, via his record label Broken Synth Recordings. Arkanoid is now available for sale and for streaming on all the major streaming sites.

Arkanoid brings together all of the best things from the synthwave genre into one track. It features a funky beat, that cool retro synthwave feeling and of course a fun and catchy synthesizer hook. Arkanoid was also released with 2 other …

TrollPhonik – Lucifer’s Lawn Mower [Premiere Review]


San Diego based dubstep artist TrollPhonik has just released a brand new hard dubstep single called Lucifer’s Lawn Mower via Canadian record label Off The Wall Recordings available now on Beatport. Lucifer’s Lawn Mower starts off with some pumped up claps and percussion at a brisk 145 BPM, which builds into a hard shuffling, bass heavy beat. The track takes on the classic dubstep bass wobbles, which morph and laugh menacingly throughout the track. Fans …

Dj Taj – You Use To [review]

Dj Taj You Use To drake hotline bling remix

Drake’s Hotline Bling is easily the song of 2015 and so it makes sense that New Jersey producer DJ Taj has created a remix of it. It is, of course, a Jersey Club style remix, which is a blessing because he’s so good at it. You Use To starts off with a clip of the original track, a great tactic to draw in the crowd at a club who loves the song. Then it changes …

ETC!ETC! – WICKED EP [review]


As EDM fans, we all know that some producers are guilty of having tracks that sound same. However, with LA based producer ETC!ETC!, that is never the case. His latest EP, Wicked, released with Dim Mak, solidifies this as he continues to leave his mark on dance music in a variety of dance music styles. The EP opens with Colossal featuring Ricky Remedy, a mischievous trap tune which blends deep bass …

Mr Oizo – Hand In The Fire EP [review]

Mr Oizo - Hand In The Fire EP

French music producer and movie maker Mr Oizo is back with another EP on the legendary Ed Banger Records. Hand In The Fire offers some completely new sounds from Mr Oizo, however old fans will still be pleased with the release. The title song featuring female vocalist Charli XCX offers an 80s worthy performance over a slow burner electro beat. This is definitely the most pop friendly track on the release and honestly …

The Phantom’s Revenge – Mental Geller [review]

The Phantom's Revenge MENTAL GELLER
French artist, The Phantom’s Revenge, has released the brand new house track, Mental Geller, via Teenage Riot Records that is now available for sale. It is part of the EP release of the same name. Mental Geller starts off with a weird vocal sample from Friends and goes right into horns, a fun house beat, and a soul vocal clip. The track then switches gears and morphs into a more funky vibe, complemented …

The Hair Kid – Acid Disco Homegirls [review]

The Hair Kid Acid Disco HomegirlsNew York artist, The Hair Kid, on Oh Hai Records, has released a brand new single called Acid Disco Homegirls on sale via Traxsource and Beatport. Acid Disco Homegirls blends cool chopped up vocal samples, lazer sounds, and a funny, ironic, and, modern sounding rap into one great song without sounding tacky. The result is an enjoyable track with an original sound.  Acid Disco Homegirls finishes off with a pretty synthesizer melody complemented by bmore