DJ SOURMONKEY – Own The House [review]


Loving Father, DJ and Producer DJ SOURMONKEY is making a lot of noise these days. After linking up w/ the LACX crew back in 2015 for EDC Weekend and playing their weekend-long showcases, he has been working doubletime to make a name for himself worldwide. This latest featured Jam delivers some pretty awesome, yet choatic Future Bass sounds from the Sacramento Artist. Properly titled “Own The House” the Track features a catchy vocal sample itterating just that! All-in-all, the dude is straight beast in the studio, as well as on the 1’s & 2’s. He’s got a feelgood, funky & diverse style and can take you back to some of the best times of your life, and all done within an hours set time. Simply put…DJ SOURMONKEY is always keepin’ it hype! Expect to see him performing soon up in the Bay Area as usual @ Festivals and packed nightclubs, as well as at some future dates down in the SoCal area!

Check it out!

DJ SOURMONKEY – Own The House | Out now via LACX Music

OVERALL RATING: HOT AF YO! Dancefloor destroyer  rightchea! ?

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