Mercurius FM – Arkanoid [review]

Mercurius FM - Arkanoid Review
Mercurius FM
, has released the new synthwave track, Arkanoid, via his record label Broken Synth Recordings. Arkanoid is now available for sale and for streaming on all the major streaming sites.

Arkanoid brings together all of the best things from the synthwave genre into one track. It features a funky beat, that cool retro synthwave feeling and of course a fun and catchy synthesizer hook. Arkanoid was also released with 2 other tracks including a dancier and faster club mix and a Drumapella featuring Mercurius FM‘s signature 80s sounding drums. The release of Arkanoid was coupled with a glitchy animated music video by artist Felix Rothschild with the perfect visual aesthetic for synthwave fans. Arkanoid, is a danceable track with a soulful yet synthetic vibe that will leave you humming it hours later.

Watch the Music Video for Arkanoid by Mercurius FM

Review Rating: Hot AF! Danceable and catchy synthwave track.


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