Nebula - 24% EP [review]

Marin Bardiot, better known as Nebula Beatz, is an aspiring, self-taught DJ, Producer, Remixer & Composer from Bordeaux, France. He later went on to receive certifications from the DJ Arts School as well as from le Conservatoire de Bordeaux

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Paul Mayson - Run EP | Out now via Don Diablo's Hexagon Label

Dutch Producer, Paul Mayson is making some serious waves these days. Simply put; Paul is far more than just your average Dance Music Artist, his musical talents far exceed most others, he's got a style all his own which he coins as his "Indie House" Sound. Well-put, Paul! With

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DJ SOURMONKEY - Own The House [review]

Loving Father, DJ and Producer DJ SOURMONKEY is making a lot of noise these days. After linking up w/ the LACX crew back in 2015 for EDC Weekend and playing their weekend-long showcases, he has been working doubletime to make a name for himself w

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Mercurius FM – Arkanoid [review]

Mercurius FM, has released the new synthwave track, Arkanoid, via his record label Broken Synth Recordings. Arkanoid is now available for sale and for streaming on all the major streaming sites. Arkanoid brings together all of the best things from the synthwave ge

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TrollPhonik - Lucifer's Lawn Mower [Premiere Review]

San Diego based dubstep artist TrollPhonik has just released a brand new hard dubstep single called Lucifer's Lawn Mower via Canadian record label Off The Wall Recordings available now on Beatport. Lucifer's Lawn Mower starts off with some pumped up claps

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